God knows your thoughts, motives, desires and intentions. He even knows why and what you are praying for before you make your request known! God’s omniscience is often overlooked. Omniscience means God has universal awareness, understanding and insight. There is nothing that is said, thought about or done, anywhere or any place that He is not aware of. Omnipotent means God virtually has infinite unlimited authority or influence. Omnipresence is another attribute that solely belongs to God. God is everywhere at all times. How do I access the Father? Jesus is the door. Jesus is the way to the Father! It is through prayer we communicate with Him. Once you truly commit your life to Jesus Christ you are adopted into the family of God. He is the one and only Almighty Sovereign God!


Did you know that prayer is the key to your relationship with the Lord? Prayer is simply communication with God. Prayer is a supplication or expression that should be expressed earnestly and sincerely. Prayer is often sometimes inaudible. God tells us in His Word that we should “pray without ceasing.” Prayer in this circumstance is essentially a state of mind. God even tells us to go into your closet and close the door and pray to your Father who is unseen. “Then your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.” He can open doors no man can close. GOD IS SO GOOD!!! Prayer time with God will give you a healthy and clear conscience. Prayer is not always asking God for something. We should readily thank God for all He has done when we pray. “It is in HIM we LIVE and MOVE and have our being!”  Acts 17  God is truly worthy of our honor, thanks and praise!



If you are a child of GOD you should relish your personal prayer time with your Father. Abba Father God is totally aware of what we need as well as what we do not need. This is why it is so important that we are honest and sincere when we call upon His name. Remember prayer is not always asking God for something! It is not something we just do in the presence of others to get their attention. But when others are in attendance you should include them in prayer. Prayer is not just mere words we utter repetitively. Prayer is not a time to just let those who are present know how you feel. The effectiveness of prayer is not determined by the cadence, tone or volume of your voice. It is not just a time to just emotionally charge others. It really is the content and posture of your heart that concerns God. To humbly and sincerely usher oneself into the presence of the Lord one must relinquish self. Any unconfessed sin hinders your prayer encounter. With God you must be transparent and real! When you truly enter into the presence of the Lord it can change the unchangeable. Prayer can heal a broken heart, life home, church, school, business or relationship. The things that are impossible with man are possible with God! “Oh give thanks unto the Lord for He is GOOD and His mercy endureth  forever!” It is important when we pray, that we pray, God’s will be done in our lives. For He is our everlasting Father!


The prophet Jeremiah kept in constant prayer with the Lord. Jeremiah was called to remind Israel of the consequences of disobedience. Jeremiah fervently reminded them of their immoral behavior. The religious establishment plotted to silence Jeremiah. Jeremiah was discouraged. to the point he began to wonder why he was not allowed to just die in his mother’s womb. In his despair Jeremiah cries out to the Lord. He tries to keep quiet since he is constantly mocked for proclaiming God’s Truth.  They did some of everything to Jeremiah.  But The Word of the Lord is so vehement in his soul that he cannot contain it. This is when he says “His Word is in my heart like fire. A fire shut up in my bones.” Jeremiah knew that they were waiting for him to slip. They often tried to entrap him.  Jeremiah was maturing as a prophet. He knew that the Lord wanted him to continue. He even went so far to tell them if they put him to death that his innocent blood would be on their hands.



When the Lord gives you an assignment it is very important that you keep in constant communication with Him. Embrace the “CALL” He has upon your life regardless of who or what comes against you…  You can expect to be rejected, misunderstood and overlooked…  You can expect people to come together against you…  Keep looking to God.  Abba Father God will keep every one of His promises!   When pressured to conform it is important to be transformed by the renewing of your mind by the Word of God. Stay on the Narrow Path.  God in His time will bring everything to the light. God will never lead you to do anything that goes against his principles. Jeremiah’s life demonstrates how important it is to remain faithful to God. Sometimes we must forego the support of others rather than disobey God. He will lead, guide, direct and protect us.  Prayer is the key to help you stay focused when or if you are ever faced with such a situation.



Did you know God cannot ever be manipulated? There is a big difference between uniformity and unity! It is not necessary to manipulate situations or people to get your way. This is why it is important to pray and ask God if something is in His will for you. God allows many things. But He will work it all out for our good as we remain faithful to Him. He did not create us to be robots. He told us the weapons would be formed but in the long run they would not prosper against us.  We are to be the Designer’s Original.  We are to trust God.  Proverbs tells us there is a way that seems right to man/woman? But the end will eventually lead to destruction. Did you know sometimes your way may be out of the will of God?  To prevent this make sure that you consult Him often.  Abba Father God always knows what is best. You will only hinder the ultimate plan that God has for your life. God wants us to be loyal and disciplined. Daily worship and prayer is crucial. Meditate upon His Word. Remember “Praying without ceasing” is a state of mind.  This will strengthen your daily spiritual walk. God will also sharpen your ability to discern!



The Scriptures clearly tells us that the prayers of the righteous are powerful! Life is full of snares for the believer. Wide road travelers are plentiful. Fewer desire to travel the Narrow Path. Always Remember; “THE WHEAT and the tares are growing together…”  It is in the end that GOD will do the separating. When we lift Holy hands to GOD we acknowledge and invite HIS presence! We serve an all knowing and wise God! Denial will keep you in the dark. Honesty really is the best policy! God’s angels encamp around those who have committed themselves to His will and His way. ABBA FATHER GOD IS OMNIPRESENT and is with us always & forever!!!  This is why it is necessary to know HIS WORD; for it is so marvelous! God will direct you through His Word. He will even warn you. God is faithful! He is the ultimate Father He will provide a way out of no way. Personal as well as corporate “Prayer Time” are essential to the body of Christ. We must learn to relinquish our will and strive to choose God’s way.



Did you know that Jesus withstood great persecution and mistreatment? They even called Him a devil.  They constantly misconstrued His  teachings and His Word. The enemy is the father of lies. He always cloaks or distorts the truth! He always mixes Truth and error. That is when you know that something is not of God.  But don’t be dismayed it will only last for a season. Oh! But remember “What a Friend we have in Jesus!” We are to carry everything to Him in prayer. Remember Jeremiah? Sometimes not responding at all is a good idea.  But we can always internally rejoice sing and know through CHRIST JESUS;  Victory Is Mine!  “Through patience possess ye your soul!”  Exercising your spiritual muscles will strengthen your walk. God never tempts us to do anything. As you take time daily for your personal worship you will begin to respond differently. Practice daily “praying without ceasing!” This keeps us focused on GOD.  To be a disciple means you actually learn how to discipline yourself through the power of The Holy Spirit to respond in a way that pleases God. You embrace repentance in lieu of accepting denial.



You must begin to exercise self-control! You cannot please both God and man/woman. God’s way is always the best way. God’s weapons are not carnal. God tells us to “pray for them that despitefully use you!” You see it is really not about how things appear to others. What is important is what God knows!  No one can undermine our character in the eyes of God.  Abba Father knows everything about everyone.  He always knows the posture of our hearts. Remember He knows the TRUTH! He also knows when something is not true! He knows absolutely everything! FOR HE IS TRUTH!!!



The time we spend here on earth is relatively short in comparison to the time we will spend in eternity with God. There is no need to be afraid. But you must be aware evil is all about us.  We are living in a spiritual war zone. God can and will protect you from all evil. Remember the disciples sample prayer? God can and will deliver you from all evil plots… You can genuinely smile or not respond improperly in the midst of trials and persecution. This does not mean that you are in a delusionary frame of mind. Also, this is quite the contrary from being unstable or weak. The Lord will show you what is happening around you. 



“Walking in Meekness is being empowered under the control of Almighty God! This does not mean that you are being self-righteous. It means your focus is on God rather than the situation. Your character will be strengthened, and your Faith and Trust will be renewed. It will also flourish. Remember with Jesus as The Conductor life becomes a symphony! God will free you! Jesus really did die for us to live differently. This is why His Word tells us “Be very careful, then, how you live-not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil. Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is. Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the SPIRIT! Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  Colossians 3



The majority of the work of God’s Church is “Beyond The Walls.” Yes, the work within the walls is important. Many work within the walls. Many live to please those within the walls rather than live to please God. I want to share something with you it is a lot easier to please God. God positions His children in different places. “The earth really is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof the world and them that dwell therein.” It is not necessary to jockey for a position when you know that God has a place in the body for you. We must continue to pray for those who are shackled by sin within and without the walls. Who really do not know that the gates of Hell will not prevail against God’s True Church. This scripture is not talking about the physical structure. We the people are THE CHURCH OF GOD! There is not one iota of doubt in my mind that I am GOD’S child “SAVED” cleansed, sanctified and set free by HIS marvelous Grace! There is POWER IN THE  cleansing BLOOD OF JESUS!!!  If you really know Him you should feel the same way. I praise & thank God for a “Solid Rock” foundation.  It is an inexpressible comfort when you have a real personal encounter with the Lord. God is so great! Praise God for His Word.




Did you know that there is only one true Church? If Jesus came to your home would He be welcomed? If He came to your job or your place of business would you acknowledge Him? Honestly ask yourself if Jesus came to your church worship service would He really be welcomed? Perhaps, only if He were to tithe? Perhaps if he dressed how you think he should? Are you sure of what kind of heart you have? Perhaps if he would conform to your order of service? Only if He sits where you think He should sit? Would you betray Him like Judas?  Are you really nice to everyone? Remember when He threw the money changers out of the Temple?  They had lost there way. Jesus said that His Church should be a House of Prayer! Not den of thieves. They were so obsessed with the money, Jesus overturned the tables… Did you know that Jesus can provide and will provide for everything you need without manipulating others to give out of guilt? I believe He did say that “HE WOULD SUPPLY ALL OF OUR NEED according to HIS riches in glory by CHRIST JESUS.”   Not some but ALL!!! Remember “Needs and Wants” are not always the same…


God welcomes repentance! Repent means to change. To turn your mind, heart, actions, body and soul in the direction God is leading. To abandon the prideful direction of having to do things your way and humbly move towards God. You must be willing to admit it when you are wrong.  GOD CAN MAKE YOU WHOLE! To embrace Truth pleases God. God really wants us to live victoriously. Remember He is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. God is there for us/you. God has a plan for the lives of each of His children. So, there is really no need to be jealous or fearful.  Stay focused on the Lord!   “He’s Able!!!”  Your position in the body is the capacity in which you can function. HE knows who and if we/you are HIS Child. By the way “He is not a respecter of persons.” God really does know and see all that what we do everywhere. It is much better to just want the things that God wants you to have, to daily commit to Him and desire to live out HIS WILL in your life!


We are to daily; “CONTEND for the FAITH!”


There is much peace when you really know you are walking in the path of RIGHTEOUSNESS! How will you know when God is leading you? You know that you are not walking alone.  Christ Jesus has imputed His righteousness to us.  This is why it is so important to pray and obey! This will help you not get sidetracked by what others say or do. Know that God has power over darkness. Stay on the Narrow Path! Again, it is during your personal Bible Study & prayer time you can be refueled and prepared for the fiery darts. God lets nothing come our way that He is not aware of. It is our responsibility to respond in a manner that pleases Him! This will give you a clear conscious. Remember God’s weapons are not carnal. If you don’t stand for God, you will fall for anything! When you are adorned with God’s full spiritual armor the shield of faith with extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Just exercise patience and pray. God is the author and finisher of our faith. He has given each of His children a measure of faith. “Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand and rejoice in hope of the glory of GOD…”   Romans 5




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