The Nobody’s Perfect Club – Unlimited Excuses

The longer I live the more I realize how utterly important it is to develop an intimate personal relationship with the Lord. I am told that when a teller is trained in the banking industry they are taught how to recognize the authenticity of currency. Therefore whenever a counterfeit bill is passed they are able to recognize it.


We live in a real world that is full of systems of deception created to distract us from the genuine purpose of life. Our purpose is to glorify God. Without the Holy Spirit as your navigator you will get towed right along. This deception has further infiltrated the Church. It beckons those who are willing to make excuses for their shortcomings, to excuse self-gratification as a mere attribute to mankind’s imperfections. To immorally satisfy the carnal appetite to all who are willing to submit to the well; “Nobody’s Perfect Club.”  This will only  teach you although “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” He doesn’t really know how to bless His children. why is that? Because He intends for them to stay dependent on anything and everybody until they leave this world. Although they don’t believe blessings are just material, spiritual growth and development is optional. I warn you this will only enslave you to a life dependent upon sin.


We really often miss the point. You see God doesn’t force us.  He allows us all the freedom to choose. Instead we often choose to justify living a life were sin abounds. This gives us unlimited privileges in the “Nobody’s Perfect Club.” He did not make us to be robots. It is time out for playing games…. But He did intend for us to respect Him as Father and Lord within our daily lives. Not in a legalistic manner. He wants us to enjoy healthy fulfilling  lives! Remember “the earth is the LORD’S and the fullness thereof the world and them that live within it…”


Ministry must go beyond the walls!


The “Nobody’s perfect club” allows easy access to unlimited excuses. It has a plethora of earthly benefits. You can live any way you want, say anything you want, little or no study required. Listening to an occasional lecture or message may be required to help you with attendance kudos. Listening not required just say amen when it gets too quiet. Just show up on Sunday? This Guarantees access to many fringe benefits I prefer not to mention. You may even receive a B.A. (born again) if you don’t rock the boat. You see we are saved by grace. That gives you a license to indulge yourself. After all “Nobody’s perfect.”


One caution, you may be persecuted or covertly disfellowshipped if you genuinely decide to “study to show thyself approved unto God.” Why? Because you are trying to be perfect. Please if you have accepted “Christ as your personal Savior” allow Him to really work in and be an integral part of your life. Allow Him to activate the Holy Spirit in your life. To make spiritual deposits to your eternal account that will  yield a harvest of spiritual, physical, and endless blessings. If you have not accepted Him “accept Him NOW.” Ask Him into your life this very moment. It will be a journey like no other. If you have grown slack in your commitment (to His principles activated in your life) recommit! Getting serious has its price. So, I must warn you. When you do this It is important to know and expect, when you do this a lot of spiritual warfare will be launched against you. But PRAISE GOD it is truly worth it!


God created us to live a life pleasing in His sight. Life is not a movie and Church is not a scene. Although it’s full of actors, it’s serious business. Please bear with me. You see I have been in Church all my life. if this is not where you are you have not need to be offended. We have as children of GOD have a responsibility to give Our Heavenly FATHER Honor! To encourage one another as well as non believers to get to know Him and develop a personal relationship with Him. We are HIS people! I still can’t quite grasp why many really don’t believe. God really does hear all and see all we do. That includes ALL OF US! If we did, it would eliminate a lot of the charades and manipulations and cliques. GOD IS REAL! You see TRULY “seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness ” will really add all you need in this life! God is patient… He really does have us all and everything under His control. What do you mean? The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew really contains a wealth of knowledge. Jesus discusses a multiplicity of issues. Those same issues are prevalent today.


We need valid honest authentic no nonsense spiritual training. The WORD of God contains precious invaluable instructions. It gives marvelous examples to help us from falling prey to non-biblical unspiritual teachings. It even tells how “Jesus’ blood can cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” The majority in HIS Church is you and Christ Jesus. If you don’t stand for Jesus you will fall for anything. His WORD will equip you to discern truth from error. Remember that bank currency I talked about. Jesus stresses the importance of God’s way being the best way.


Don’t allow anyone to make withdrawals from your spiritual account. (By the way nobody is perfect in the normal sense. ) But don’t forget. The Bible is not talking about flawlessness, It is talking about being PERFECT (meaning COMPLETE) in JESUS!  Becoming perfect in the Lord is possible… It is an ever growing spiritual process. The power of His blood yields spiritual dividends for those who call and trust Him as Savior and Lord. What’s a Savior? Oh! He helps us from the power of sin in our life. He continuously shapes and molds us in His image.  Don’t relinquish spiritual deposits only God can provide, for membership in the “Nobody’s perfect club.”

Strive and thrive daily to become “PERFECT” in the LORD! 

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