Embracing the Fruit of the Spirit within your marriage “Peace” Part 3

Embracing the Fruit of the Spirit within your marriage “Peace”




Peace brings you a sense of inner calmness and serene tranquility. Desiring peace within your marriage is a desirable aspiration. Your marriage is or should become one of your most prized relationships. The desire to achieve a harmonic balance is attractive. Life can become difficult and very complex.


It’s important to have a place where you both can retreat from life pressures, hectic schedules and or the constant demand upon your lives. Sometimes the two of you may want to sit back, relax and just “chill!” Working together you really can make it happen!


Is your marriage growing?

Is your marriage all that you want it to be? Are you growing closer together or farther apart?  Have you settled  for mediocrity?  When the two of you married was it  not because you wanted to build a  great relationship together?  Life is precious you don’t want to waste  it being unhappy all the time. If you have gotten off track get back on board! 


Don’t let people, places, situations or things rob you of the happiness that brought you together. 


Marriage affords you the opportunity to get to know your spouse on a much deeper level. As you spend more time together you can become sensitive or insensitive to one another’s desires, wants and needs. It’s your choice? Think about it, you both can determine together what type of harmonious home environment you want to create. Or one or the other can simply dominate your household and make it miserable for one another?


Good marriages don’t just happen!

There is always room for improvement. Good marriages don’t just happen! Having a home that welcomes peace is relaxing and inviting. It also keeps you both much healthier. Having a peaceful abode does not mean that you have to compromise your values. It does mean that you must deal with situations as they arise rather that allow them to ferment and fester. In other words, please do not sweep things under the rug. Whenever there is appropriate acknowledge that there is a problem, you should be able to talk about anything to one another.  Afterall you are one. SO, you again want to be open, and whenever necessary discuss the things that concern one another.  You must care enough to learn how to patiently listen to one another.   


A good marriage takes two strong people. You both should be able to stand on your principles. This does not mean that you need to stand one against the other or compromise your values.   Hopefully you share the same principles. (If not, there really are some things that need to be addressed.)  You both should commit to stand firm for what is best for your marriage because you value your relationship.   This can be a bit difficult and or uncomfortable. When you disagree, you want to keep respect intact. 


Having good communication in your marriage is important.  


No, you really don’t always have to have an outright brawl…  If this has been a pattern in your life you might want to learn how to grow beyond this type of unhealthy mode of functioning.   How you treat one another always matters.  If you are subject to angry outburst.  You need to learn how to get this under control.   You can simply table deep discussions for a later agreed time when you both have had a little time to think things over and can be reasonable. This way you can begin to more responsibly deal with any issues.  Confronting issues is not always easy but necessary. Don’t let the weeds of hostility, bitterness and anger begin to sneak in to ravage and unravel your marriage. Keep in mind building a good marriage requires learning how to become considerate of one another’s feelings and emotions.  By the way, neither of you should have to frequently walk on eggshells. 


Building intimacy makes way for a healthier marriage

Time is precious so you do not want to spend the majority of it unhappy, mad, stressed or living on pins and needles. When either one of you has to walk around on eggshells it is not good! You want to learn how to become transparent with one another. This is how you create a healthy bond. You allow one another to see the “real you!” Feelings need to be validated but you can learn to talk about unpleasant issues in a healthier manner. Or feel free to be quiet when necessary.  Or just give one another mental space to refuel. Afterall, you do so at work, or you would not be able to keep your job. Well, how important is your marriage? Good communication and respecting one another is also what builds intimacy and welcomes trust.


Marriage is the ultimate partnership for a man and a woman to experience true “Oneness” in every way.  In a safe marriage your lovemaking is also enhanced because you can become transparent, open and responsive. This is also a time of peaceful, healthy physical bonding.   “The two becoming one!”  The desire for peace in your marriage is an attainable realistic goal. When both husband and wife work together as a team to make their marriage a priority they can accomplish much.


Invite God into the center of your marriage and I assure you your marriage will flourish. After all you included Him in your vows, or did you? Peace is a part of the Fruit of the Spirit. Embracing your marriage vows helps immensely to welcome His peace. God can give you, “His peace that surpasses the understanding of man.” Philippians 4. Your vows will then become much more than mere words and your commitment to one another continuously grows and is refreshed.


Marriage is sacred in the eyes of God. Never intrude upon or disrespect the privacy of someone’s marriage. 


In building a healthy marriage together as a team you consciously elect to go through the tests and trials of life together. If and whenever necessary, you seek wise godly counsel. Instead of situations or issues pulling you apart you face them together.  You can also counsel one another to keep your marriage in tune.    This will eventually result in you both becoming more confident in your marriage.   You both take responsibility in keeping love alive. This brings about harmony. Your countenance will even begin to reflect satisfaction and inner fulfillment. Together you strive to empower one another to become the best you!


The benefits of embracing Fruit of the Spirit are apparent. Your love and joy will grow and flourish.  You as a couple can also inspire others to respect and cherish their marriages as well. Your marriage is what you make it. You both being on one accord realize that life is a precious journey filled with highs and lows.  You want to be “partners in love” on this forever journey.  Your ever-increasing commitment to one another is a top priority and you welcome peace. Peace yields harmony and harmony yields togetherness.

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