Our Music Ministry

MUSIC makes life a symphony when GOD is the CONDUCTOR! ”

Music is “The art of combining tones to form an expressive composition”. Said another way, it is “The creative and skillful combining of instruments and voices to make a statement”. Christian Music is an avenue by which the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be spread throughout the world. It is a means by which we can express we have been filled with His Holy Spirit. Scripture tells us the importance and the power of music. We have been commanded to praise God with music. Throughout scripture we can see its power, how it’s been used to get an answer from God, to confuse the enemy before battles, to calm the agitations of the soul, to open prison doors causing men to ask “what must I do to be saved?”, and to tear down walls, such as the wall of Jericho, that separates man from what God has in store for him.

The message in our music we have presented is that Jesus Christ is Lord, and He is worthy to be praised. We have produced several recording artists sending the gospel message to the young and the old.
We have something here for the young the old and everyone in between, presenting  a vast array of Gospel music to spread this amazing marvelous Gospel of Jesus Christ via song. It is our prayer at Alpha 7 Ministries that you are Blessed & Encouraged to draw closer to our Lord. God wants each of us to daily develop an ongoing up close personal intimate relationship with Him through Jesus Christ our Lord! There is something for every Christian’s musical taste: Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Praise & Worship, Quartet, Instrumental Gospel/Jazz, and Easy Listening.

Click Here to listen to some of the recordings by the above recording artists.

Lord Bless You! ” GLORY! GLORY! HALLLELLLUJAH! HIS TRUTH is marching on!”