Elder Randall Ogans “Pass Me Not”

Coming on the heels of his “What A Friend” release, Alpha 7 Ministries is pleased to announce the new instrumental gospel jazz release by Elder Randall Ogans Sr. & Dorian Ogans, “Pass Me Not”.

Arranged by Dorian Ogans, this is a gospel-jazz infused version of the hymn, “Pass Me Not O, Gentle Saviour”, featuring jazzy guitar solos by Dorian Ogans, and Elder Randall Ogans Sr. on the Hammond B-3 organ.

The Bible records that when Jesus traveled throughout the land, He stopped to help/heal many who cried out to Him. He didn’t pass them by, and neither will He pass us by.

In this instrumental version, you can hear the music distinctly cry out the words of the hymn, “Saviour, Saviour, hear my humble cry. While on others thou are calling, PLEASE don’t pass me by”.


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“Pass Me Not”  Reviews:


 Dr. Libra Boyd, Gospel Music Fever Magazine/KWAY Gospel Radio  Roxboro, NC

Elder Randall Ogans, Sr. and Dorian Ogan’s “Pass Me Not” delights the palates of sacred hymn lovers and jazz aficionados alike.

“Pass Me Not” is interpreted through the artistry of Elder Ogans’ son Dorian – the gospel jazz track’s arranger – who can be heard on acoustic and electric piano, guitar, and bass. Listeners will enjoy tasteful piano and bass comping alongside the guitar solo on the first pair of verses and refrain. Elder Ogans carries the melody through the second verse and subsequent refrain on the Hammond B3. The interplay among the instruments adds both texture and depth to the piece.


Bob Marovich, The Journal Of Gospel Music  Chicago, IL

Gospel jazz artist Elder Randall Ogans Sr. and his equally-talented son Dorian combine their efforts to tastefully update the beloved Fanny Crosby hymn “Pass Me Not.”

Dorian’s acoustic piano and electric guitar riffs give the hymn a gentle swing that evokes a late-night cafe’ jam session, until Randall’s organ enters and brings it back to Sunday morning worship.

It’s the kind of restful piece you play just before or after service, or at the end of a very busy Sunday.


Andre Avanessian, Radio Airplay – United Kingdom

Brimming with a tremendous sense of melody and managing to effortlessly weave the styles of soul, jazz, and gospel together with both great flair and grace, “Pass Me Not” is the melodically adventurous and harmonically fascinating new single by dynamic father-son duo, Elder Randall Ogans Sr and Dorian Ogans and is based on the classic hymn of the same name. This is a dazzling reinterpretation that is filled with marvelous performances and a great deal of musical maturity that is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish. Marvelous work!

It’s safe to say that the performances from both Elder Randall Ogans Sr and Dorian Ogans are nothing short of excellent, both handling organ and guitar duties respectively. The Hammond organ adds a great deal to the overall texture of the track and beautifully outlines the underlying harmony with a great sense of style and refinement whilst Dorian dazzles with a distinctly high level of guitar virtuosity, adding a great number of melodic embellishments over the wholly engaging chord progressions with panache. It’s great to hear a father and son make music together, and you can really tell there’s a great deal of respect between these two accomplished musicians, and it makes the performance feel that bit more natural and character-driven. The arrangement flows exceptionally well and being instrumental with no vocals for listeners to connect with, it’s imperative that the listener is kept continually invested through means of melodic and rhythmic variation, and I’m glad to say that this is certainly the case with “Pass Me Not”. The organic flow of the arrangement results in a feeling of seamlessness between the track’s various sections, and this culminates in a listening experience that is filled with a great deal of diversity to keep listeners engaged throughout.

Fans of jazz-tinted soul and gospel will love what “Pass Me Not” has to offer.


Daulton Anderson – WHCR – The Voice of Harlem – Brooklyn, NY 

“I like this single ,and will add it to both stations…..it’s a great composition.. 


Walt Clark – Steel City Gospel Radio   – Chicago, IL 

        “I like it!! Smooth vibe is just right!!  


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