A Prayer to My Father


Abba Father God, we come in the name of Jesus to thank You for this glorious and wonderful day that You have made! We thank You Lord for Your Word that You have given us as a guide as to how we should live. We acknowledge You as the King of kings and the Lord of lords. You are the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last and Everything in Between. Above You there is no other.  We Thank You Lord God that the Word of the Old Testament was fulfilled through Jesus Christ our LORD & SAVIOR.


Father, Your Word is timeless it is alive and powerful! We thank You Lord for Your Holy Spirit that You have given us to be with us and guide us to all TRUTH! Father we thank You that You allowed Your Son Jesus Christ, who lived a perfect sinless life, to die on the cross for us in our place. He overcame sin, death and the grave and rose with ALL POWER!!! He was also Your Word wrapped in sinless flesh in its purest form. We know that everything was spoken into existence by Him and everything consists for Him and by Him. Yet for us He left Heaven then; He humbled Himself to victoriously live out and earthly existence in pure holiness.  For this we THANK YOU!


He overcame and conquered sin in the flesh so He could be the only perfect example to each and every one of us both SAVED as well as the unsaved! “To be born of the virgin Mary.”  He lived a miraculous marvelous life.  So we could strive and thrive to have a perfect life ever growing in Your grace as we become complete  in You.  Then He suffered under Pontius Pilate, who was then crucified died and was buried. On the third day He arose from the dead. He then arose with ALL POWER.  Father for this we THANK YOU!


We realize Father it is because of Your Love, Grace and Mercy we exist. That we as Your children are supposed to be “in the world but not of the world.” Father, I/ we thank You for Your Living Word You have given us to govern our lives by. Not in a legalistic rigid manner, but in a way that pleases You. We Thank you Lord, for salvation by Your grace and that You have already blessed us with every spiritual blessing through CHRIST JESUS. We know that You disburse to us as You see fit. We pray Lord that we continuously learn to live our lives in a way that Your light is able to shine through us!


Lord, convict us all of any and bring sincere repentance whenever necessary…

Abba Father God, we will rise everyday to bless, praise, thank & worship Your  Name.


Help us Lord to look to You from which our help comes from as we overcome evil with good. Daily cleanse us from all unrighteousness through Your Word.   Lord, You are our Light and our salvation, because of this we have no one to fear.  Thank You for Your omnipresence.  We realize that You are ALWAYS with us to lead, guide, direct  and protect us from seen and unseen dangers.  Father we need you in a world that continues to put Your principles for daily living on the back burner. We realize Father that You can return at any moment.  Help us to prepare for your return by living each day  as though You were to come at anytime.  Again Father we thank You for all your  precious blessings, past,  present and future!


In the name of JESUS we ask that You daily  fill us with the presence of Your precious HOLY SPIRT. Lead us in the path of  righteousness for Your namesake. Thank You Father God,  for the “security & significance” we have in You. For it is in You “We live and move and have our being.” We ask these and all Blessings in the mighty Name of  our Lord & Savior Christ Jesus! Amen, AMEN & HALLLELLLUJAH AMEN!!!