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Now that I am over fifty I can really look at things through my Mother’s eyes. My compassion has grown. My Faith & Trust in The Lord is immense and surely He has certainly Blessed me in a plethora of ways. It is such a gorgeous day. I know Mom would have loved this brilliant sunshine and stunning blue skies. Today we took her some beautiful flowers to place on her grave site. My Mom always loved fresh flowers, especially roses. She will always be alive in my heart. There are times that I miss her dearly; but I have peace knowing that she is resting and happily present with the Lord. I can look back and be thankful of the times I spent with her.


In her later years my Mom gradually began to say what I now call a “Slow Goodbye…”

My Mother was a very strong-willed loving Christian woman. I was her only daughter among my many brothers. I will always remember how she reminded me that she prayed that the Lord would give her a daughter. I am beyond thankful to say that I have always felt loved! It was actually just abreast a few months of her forth decade in life that I was born.


I believe that by this time she had a pretty good handle on being a parent since I was her ninth child and as I said before her first and only daughter.


Love expressed by action


My handsome Father worked diligently many hours away from home providing for our family. He diligently served in the Navy  and was committed to excellence. He was a manager in furniture sales, then for the San Francisco Municipal Railways as a Street Car Driver then Night Supervisor. Then he became one of the first bi-racial men of color to manage, operate and run, a full service Richfield Atlantic Service Station. He was organized, intelligent, skillful, talented, neat and liked everything in its place.


He was raised by a Methodist Woman Minister/ Rev. Lady of God born in the late 1800’s. He was named after the Prophet Samuel.  My father was always kind to me. One thing he was firm on I was not to ever pump gas. Or spend much time at the Service Station unless I was in the office. Back then there were only male uniformed attendants to service your automobile. Whenever you purchased gas or had your automobile serviced they had courteously checked your oil/ water and washed your windows.


My how times have changed.  My father worked very hard. Yet, He also thoroughly enjoyed fishing and going out on the lake in his boat. He also took the time to take my brothers to the lake on fishing trips.


My Mother adorned me with all the girly trimmings for as long as I can remember. Frilly Priscilla Crisscrossed Sheer ruffled curtains festooned my bedroom windows along with my white high standing white wrought iron bed and antique white wardrobe chest.  I always had my own room  as well as my very own personal television.  She always assured me that God was always with me. And that “I should feel that the Lord loved me best, and if everyone felt that way the world would be better place.”


I think I wore pink nylon and silk organza dresses with embroidered flowers  with matching bloomers and  matching satin ribbons to adorn my hair seems like forever to Church.   My uncle Wallace actually bought me my very first pair of cultured pearls at eight years old. Let’s not forget to mention how I had to stay up while my Mother pinned curled my hair with bobby pins on Saturdays for long dangling curls on Sunday. This was almost until I was thirteen years old.   I eventually was able to turn in my white socks for cinnamon colored stockings to go along with my  French hilled patent leather dress shoes.


My Mother was born in the early 1900’s and that was the thing to do way back then for a girl child. Girls and boys did not wear similar apparel. I was especially elated that she spent many hours laboring at her much loved Singer Sewing machine fabricating me a plethora of uniquely designed everyday dresses.  When school started there was one for each day of the week. She even made me a fashionable red plaid side buttoned Dr. Kildare dress. She even allowed and encouraged me to design many of my own clothes. If I could sketch it she would make it.  Every winter she purchased me a lovely camel & or fur collared wool coat.


Quality you know it when you see it

Quality and originality was something she always stressed and impressed upon me. “Quality you know it when you see it!” It was not so much the clothes but the love and concern that she had for me. She made sure that I yearly attended the Church conferences held during summer as a delegate and there was also my piano lessons and my first photography class in third grade… These are just a few of the many things she did out of love. I can remember her up and about sewing more nights than I ever remember her ever sleeping and resting. I now realize the many sacrifices she made for me. Coming from comfortable humble yet compassionate beginnings makes you really appreciate the preciousness of time. I am eternally grateful to Abba Father Almighty God for His marvelous omnipresence and always providing for me.



Years later on another occasion I can remember the day my husband asked her if he could marry me. Since we were so young I was a bit queasy as to how she would respond. He has always been very strong and certain of himself and never intimidated by anyone. Coming up in the midst of brothers makes you quite strong and independent, so I always admired this quality about him.   Me him and one of my brothers actually went to the movies.  He was always mature and he had actually graduated early from high school at sixteen. So I had chosen not to be present when he presented the proposal.


My Mother was in her late 20’s when she married. Here I was a mere 17. I could only wonder what she would say. I had participated in advanced GATE classes since 3rd grade. She had already planned that I go on a college tour and……… But whatever my then, husband to be said to her, he won her heart over, from that moment on. He assured her that we both would still continue on with our higher learning… It was at that time that they bonded. He became another son to her. We were engaged for one year. We married the following year.  Our Pastor said we were made for another and prayed a special prayer to confirm through the Lord’s Providence in Holy Matrimony we were united as husband & wife…


When our very own daughter was born my Mother adorned her with the same delicately made pink chiffon embroidered dresses. It was a Blessing that the Lord Blessed us with a girl first since I came up with so many brothers. I/we were elated and so was everyone else. Each time one of my children were born (we had four more sons) she came to our home for an extended visit. We spent many nights just enjoying the company of one another. I always appreciated the way she respected and loved our children and my husband. She was always so proud how well behaved and respectful our children were and  how well they also all excelled in school and loved to attend worship services. 



My husband Elder/Minister of Music is multifaceted. He had also became an upper management executive with Pacific Bell at the early age of 21.  We had together founded; Alpha 7 Ministries. ” WORLDWIDE MINISTRY BEYOND & INSIDE THE WALLS!” Our parents were very proud of us. I knew somewhat, but it was not really until her “Homegoing” celebration that I realized just how special her relationship was with my husband. My husband paid a tribute to her by playing an organ solo of one of her favorite hymns “His Eye Is On The Sparrow.”   It was at that moment he shared with the many guests that were present, that in over thirty years, the many times spent together, there had never ever been a cross word between the two of them. We together have many fond memories of just enjoying spending quality time together.  My husband is a very strong compassionate man of God. I don’t know many son-in–laws that can say that! These are just a few of the many memories that I cherished throughout my life to this day. There are so many many more.


Little did I know until much later on in life how those memories would get me through the changes, challenges and transitions that her life encountered. Age has a way of creeping up on you. It gradually robbed her of all her much adored independence, gifts, talents and strength that she profusely exuded. My Mom was always a strong figure in my life. I always felt as a child that she was sort of stern and protective but not overbearing. She did not “beat me” as most say. Nor did my father ever raise a hand to me. They both taught me the value of candidly standing firm and expressing yourself with love.



I was raised to be feminine & ladylike yet strong. But this also made me see the benefits of being disciplined. This of course is understandable since I was her one and only daughter. She was a very intelligent an educated woman. She was well respected by her academic colleagues. It was when I was in Jr. High that she entered into teaching. She wore many hats as a wife, Mother, teacher and actively took on many roles and a list of responsibilities at her place of worship.   God & Church was her life.  She was an advisor, mentor and confidant to many pastors & elders. Let’s not forget her excellence as an expert tailored seamstress, gourmet cooking skills and passion for reading, the spoken Word and gardening!


I said all of this to give you a poignant illustration of what was…


I can remember her telling me how she was beginning to feel strange in this body of hers. That that person looking back at her in the mirror was beginning to be quite interesting. How her body just would not do the simple tasks as she wanted. After she retired and well into my adult years she continued to sew, cook and garden.  I remember neighbors sending her notes inquiring if she had any of her sweet desserts… But her last few years on this side of Heaven; slowly and surely her strong physical stature begins to slightly so ever bow. I would drive up and spend the day with her often.  I am thankful to have had such a wise Mother…


I can remember her equilibrium suddenly changing and her many falls. Osteoporosis gradually began to take its toll on her gently shrinking frame. Her once tall and grand stance resembling a somewhat shorter humbled to a slight bowing position. Which was relevant in a sense since she was a woman of much prayer.  From her I learned the value of “Praying without ceasing…” as you go about your day. The occasional scuffs on her arms from falling and head. But thank God no fractures or broken bones! She would jokingly say her hard head now came in handy. But she remained determined. I can remember the garage door falling on her. I asked her “What were you thinking of? You don’t even drive!” Here our roles begin to reverse.


My Mom loved to write and faithfully would journal her daily meditations, thoughts and dissipating activities. Her memory filled cherished journals and her original Elementary Primers are some of my most treasured remnants. It was in her journals I have her recorded memories of her much  expressed LOVE for me, her long gone sister Jewel, brothers Wallace & Wilbur and parents. Who all went on before her, expressions in regards of her many friends and acquaintances, as well as my brothers and especially her loving relationship and many visits with me, my husband and our children.


My Mom as I said was articulate and had no problem expressing herself, in anyway. She was strong yet humble and could even discuss the sports statistics with my husband; as well as discuss and speak forth God’s Word or any current or past News topic.  Her home filled with memorabilia and a library of books along with an assortment of brilliant various of well taken care of nursery foliage inside and out. As time began to take its toll she asked me in a very cognizant moment to promise to allow her to stay in her own home until the Lord called her home.


She did not want to loose that part of her independence. Her home was a place for any and all to come to and enjoy her wonderful cooking, delicious cakes, pies, desserts, her lovely garden and  wonderful company. I lived an hour away so she would come for weeks and stay and visit with my family. But no matter how much she enjoyed herself “there was no place like home.” My mother never learned to drive therefore she had to be chauffeured and transported. I spent many hours up and down the freeway taking her to the Dr., shopping and to run errands. This is also how I also learned to be very independent. She enjoyed spending time at the Design & Fabric shops.    I had a brother who lived right around the corner from her and one that actually lived with her and one that lived fifteen minutes away… But since I was her only daughter that would not do. At times it was okay. I did not mind because that was time I looked forward to just spending with her.  I am thankful for the love of God, diligent work ethics and family values she impressed upon me as well as anyone who knew her.


As time passed her health began to gradually decline. Her physical condition began to deteriorate after major surgery, to the place that she sometimes lost control of her bodily liquids. Due to unsatisfactory surgery…  Rendering the necessity of subscribing to adult disposable undergarments as a back just in case. This is what can happen when a woman reaches their later silver years, especially so after having borne eleven children. One of our adult sons who also lived fifteen minutes away would frequently drop off a supply for me from Costco and visit with her. He would also give me an update on her condition. I share this not to undermine her as a woman but to again give a real picture of what life can often presents. 


Gradually Mom had succumbed to cocooning and not venturing outdoors much. Her infrequent falls finally made her yield to a cane. I can remember taking her to the Dr. for therapy so they could assist and teach her how to use a much-dreaded walker. They stressed how she should try to walk uprightly as much as possible.  The walker is not to lean down to but to help hold you to walk upright.  I can still remember the day when I was taking her to the car and she suddenly began to fall. I immediately lowered myself under her to brace her impact with the driveway.


It was then I knew that there would have to be more changes. Her eyesight began to dim and arthritis began to painfully embrace her hands. Then there was her eye surgery, and… Sewing and needle work gradually had to be set aside. I can see in her journals the gradual shift in her once brilliant almost flawless cursive penmanship. I can see etched on the pages fragments of broken words painfully scribed and thoughts left arrested in midair.


After her series of mini strokes transient ischemic attack (TIA) her posture changed again along with her hymn singing and speaking.  Her voice used for the many altar prayers now quieted, and her singing voice now at times emitting somewhat brittle throaty noises. The walker now obsolete and the need for a much needed yet regretted wheelchair. Along with a shower and bath chair and all the other paraphernalia that are needed when one cannot easily attend to all of the personal hygiene necessities. I purchased a padded desk lap pad to try encouraging arts and simple crafts, along with a bedside mini water fall to solicit a tranquil environment, with soft soothing music in the background. All of these things are helpful if you have an older parent or loved one.  You want to make them comfortable.


Her living room now begins to shift from her antique mahogany trimmed furniture to a comfy velvet padded sofa for her to be able to comfortably look out the window at her once lovingly attended garden. Her bedroom now housed a hospital bed that she just could not get used to, her physical position gradually shifting from flowered bed linen to white. Here independent life and her many once enjoyed pastimes became a thing of the past. Her once strong frame only a mere frail silhouette and her limbs delicately extended on her now almost immobile body. Although now at times a somewhat slight questioning frown. Yet, she would always smile when she saw me.


She would light up whenever I saw her. No longer was she able to call or I call and talk to her on the telephone. This is when her slow goodbye became a reality.


How and where will she live?

Must my Mother come live with us? The doctors are now giving up on her she is now in her upper eighties. I can remember how impressed they were with her intelligence she could sail through all of their mental tests. She would tell them her name the date and current news. How many children she had, their names and where she was; then name all the presidents of the United States. But now gradually the signs of Alzheimer’s had begun to replace her many cherished memories. Alzheimer’s is what I call the “slow goodbye.”


The Doctors now recommended that she be placed in a home. My live in brother now getting more and more frustrated. Which was really his warranted fears seeing our Mom gradually disappearing. Imagining you Mother no longer being here is not something you want to admit…  The visits now fewer by her many friends. She can no longer attend her much loved worship services. She no longer enjoyed the walks we had around the block as I accompanied her in her wheelchair. So she was kept inside gradually becoming somewhat reclusive within her much loved abode.


All besides her family most who knew her were able to remember her as she was. Although there were a few who could see that this once articulate poised woman was beginning to wear like a fine fabric. Her appetite had begun to diminish significantly as well. I got her a nifty bed table to straddle her lap. We would prop her up with pillows on each side. There were times when she just wouldn’t want to eat without assistance. How ironic after all those years of serving others. It was interesting to see what would suit her palette. Yes, again the Doctors have now given up hope. They said it is not unusual that her appetite is declining.


But yet Mom is still holding on. I always felt that she had now really begun to say her slow goodbye.


I, along with some anxiety and ambivalence begin to go and look for a care home for Mom at my many brothers insistence.  I know this is not what she wants.  I always felt if she was moved it would hasten her departure.  I looked for a facility closer to me so I could see her daily. I now know that some care homes are just dreadful even if well appointed. Some are seemingly peaceful on the surface. But I knew within moving her would only hasten her goodbye. Her once strong voice was echoing in the corridors of my mind “There is no place like home.”   My Mother had always told me if I remained strong when her transitioning to the Lord came, then my brothers would have to also follow my lead. 


I reluctantly wrote the much dreaded family letter to inform all of my brothers that this is where we are. What do we do? They have wanted me to put her in a home for some time. A few had some ideas but none came to fruition of course. My live-in brother who stayed with her would now hesitantly have to take care of overseeing her household finances.  He was there so was naturally that was the interim decision.  Since he never married or had children he opted to vacate his varied career. Therefore, Mom was his occupation in a sense. He could do as he pleased, and Mom had a family member there in the evenings.  They had been living together before so…  He would call me and let me know her status when I was away. A brother lived around the corner and one (15) fifteen minutes away. Whatever else she needed I would try to accommodate her in a way that I knew she preferred…  Sometime it worked and sometime it didn’t. So, what do you do? I just wanted her to be as comfortable as possible.



Now again it is time to make more changes? My brother does not want someone to help in the house full time. What do I do? I am not able to care for her in our home. There are too many stairs… The Dr. says her care could run into the thousands and and ….… So, what do I do? Mom must have known that that was one decision that I just could not make nor did not want to make for her. That was one decision that I know she made with the Lord. So it was in her sleep, in her home late that night in January when my brother called and said; “Mom is gone.” I’m like, “gone where?” I suddenly remembered one day when she wanted to go back home.


Mom wants to go home

She pointed out her window and told me she wanted to go home. “Mom you are home.” She wanted to see her “Papa.” I sent her on a trip to Ohio to go back to visit the one oldest living  relative I knew she had.  Which she thoroughly enjoyed.


A while after she returned, I took out a huge atlas I had purchased for her and showed her she was now in California at home and Arkansas where here family that were now gone was very far away. She just looked away.


Then it dawned on me. “Mom’s gone” my brother said again. I knew that Mom had starting leaving a little bit at a time.  She was holding on. I believe that she  really was just trying to give everyone a chance to adjust to her leaving. I knew now that he meant she had made the transition. She had gone on to be with the Lord and all of her other relatives that she had been missing. She had slept away at home peacefully; just like she wanted. Now she was at rest with the Lord.  My Mom had always reassured me that the Lord as with me and that He is still always with us come what may…



What is so very interesting the day my Mom transitioned to Heaven my seventh grand daughter was born a few hours later.  There was literally life and death before me…   And multitude of arrangements to make.  So, I always say one went to Heaven and one came from Heaven.  It is what got me through making all the arrangements….


My Mom had finally really said Good bye for now……..


There are many issues around taking care of an elderly parent or parents.   Everyone had different thoughts and ideas of what to do.   Just know something has to be done.   Don’t worry about what others think because they will draw their own conclusions…   God always knows exactly what’s going on.  Put your trust in GOD!  My point is prepare yourself,  and while they are able let them tell you what they would like. Who does what and when?  Do just enjoy them as much as you can while they are here. Try and let them make their own decisions for as long as they can responsibly do so. Treat them with respect and dignity although they tend to become childlike and somewhat forgetful. In the last days of course you naturally will have regrets knowing that they are leaving, and of course  you will always miss them?   You will now carry them with you in your heart wherever you go…


But praise be to Father Abba God you can be grateful to know that He really is Omnipresent!!!  God never forsakes His own.


If you patiently treat them the way you would want to be treated you will have peace knowing that you did all you could do to make them comfortable. Remember you never know how your latter days will be? But they will and can be overshadowed by the many many cherished memories. And yes of course you will always miss them.  But you also know and remember; “Absent from the body, present with the Lord!” So shower them with LOVE while they are still on this side of HEAVEN!

  • Brooke Fraser

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