We Need To Pray

Everyday on my way to the office I pass by this church building. Most days I don’t pay it much attention, except for Thursday. On Thursday, there is a long line of people made up of women, men, and children, pretty much all races of people. Some are able bodied, some are in wheel chairs. All are there to receive the food that is handed out by the church.

It is indeed a very good thing this church does. I can only imagine that for some in the line, its’ the best meal they get all week.

Each Thursday as I past the line, I say to myself, “If it wasn’t for the grace of God, there go I”, and immediately acknowledge,thank God, and whisper a prayer for those in the line. I often ask myself, why is this, then I’m reminded of the scripture “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). Yes we will have trials and tribulations, but we must still be faithful during the trials & tribulations. We need to pray.

This scene at the church also reminds me of a song from years ago, which I use to play for one of the many choirs I directed. It escapes me who wrote it, however the lyrics causes one to reflect on some of the troubling times people experience in life, from which none of us are exempt. Some have greater needs than others, but we all have need to Pray.

“If God Gave Us Everything We Need, Then We Wouldn’t Have Need To Pray”

Somebody’s heart must be broken each day
Sorrow and sadness, must come somebody’s way
Somebody’s life, must be filled with despair
Nowhere to go, but to God in prayer

Someone must go hungry, and beg for bread
No shelter to cover, his poor weary head
No one to care, and no one to share
Another day’s burden, that seems so hard to bare

Oh, but there must be hills and mountains to climb
Roads that are rough, and troubling times
If God gave us everything we need
Then we wouldn’t have need to pray

I can remember growing up how I would hear the elders (of which I am now one), say “Prayer is  the Key, and Faith unlocks the door”.

We need to Pray that God will keep us thru this coronavirus pandemic.

We need to Pray for the homeless, the sick, and those who are having difficulty in this life.

We need to Pray for this world, which is quickly spiraling down a slippery slope.  Not that we can save it, but we can snatch some from the fire.

We need to Pray for the saints, that in these last and evil days that they will be able to stand, suited in the armor of God, so they can quench the fiery arts of  the evil one.

We need to Pray for God to give us the “courage” to stand on his principles and  promises. Many claim to be in the army of the Lord, but We need to Pray for the “coward” soldiers. For God don’t want, don’t need, and can’t use a coward soldier.

We need to Pray.   For our children and grandchildren that they will stay connected to God, and to one another, for there is strength in unity.

We need to Pray for the sinner, that he or she will come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and make him Lord of their life. For we know that at the name of  Jesus, every knee is going to eventually bow, and every tongue is going to confess, that He is LORD.

We need to Pray that we will be in that number when the trump of God sounds, and  the dead in Christ rise, that we who are alive and remain, will e caught up to meet them in the air. 

For then, there will be no more sadness, broken hearts, or despair. No more trials and tribulations. No more dying and no more crying. All preaching will be over. For Heaven will be our home for eternity. This is where the wicked will have ceased from troubling, and the weary are now at rest. And all of the saints and the angels, are sitting at HIS feet and being blessed.

We Need To Pray!

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